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Primed Capacity

Primed Capacity is a revolutionary formula unlike any other on the market that is designed to provide abundant energy via ATP, mitochondrial and cellular support - to increase strength and endurance by improving lactate synthesis, buffering lactic acid, increasing nitric oxide, oxygen delivery and VO2 max - and to provide blood cell support and improve recovery to enhance your overall work capacity.  Think of Primed Capacity as a multi-purpose stimulant-free pre-workout designed to maximize your athletic potential around the clock.  Taken twice a day, including as a pre-workout, Primed Capacity will help take your performance to the next level and get you back to training faster and more recovered.

Primed Intensity

Primed Intensity contains many of the same high quality ingredients as Primed Capacity but also contains caffeine and is geared more towards your 'traditional' pre-workout supplement.  Unlike Primed Capacity, Primed Intensity is only intended to be taken pre-workout.  This formula will pack a punch and get you through that next workout with more clean energy and focus and we promise it will not disappoint!  You won't find a product like this at this price anywhere else.

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