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With multiple studies supporting nitrate supplementation as both safe and effective, dietary nitrates have become one of the most talked about ergogenic aids in the nutraceutical world. Despite being one of the most studied and evidence backed compounds in the industry, there are virtually no ingredients in the market that actually deliver efficacious levels of natural nitrates. Until now, those seeking a natural, potent dietary nitrate product have been left with two choices; high priced, lower potency extracts from Beets, Celery, or Spinach or questionable synthetic sources such as Sodium Nitrate, Creatine Nitrate or Arginine Nitrate.

NitroRocket® is a specially engineered extract of Arugula developed specifically for the Sports Nutrition.  NitroRocket provides benefits ranging from increased blood flow, muscle oxygenation and cognitive function during exercise to reduction of inflammation and free radical damage post-exercise. NitroRocket represents one of the few all-natural products that actually delivers real world results both during and promotes recovery after exercise.

NitroRocket from Arugula

10% Nitrates

Leading Nitrate Option from Celery

~4% Nitrates

Leading Nitrate Option from Beets

~2% Nitrates

Leading Nitrate Option from Spinach

~9% Nitrates


NitroRocket is a registered trademark of Creative Compounds, LLC.

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