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Frequently Asked Questions

  • After taking Primed Capacity/Intensity my body became very tingly (similar to pins and needles), is this normal?
    This is perfectly normal and is a harmless side effect of beta-alanine known as paresthesia. This feeling is only temporary, even with high doses of beta-alanine and is no cause for concern (in fact it can show that the beta-alanine is working as intended!)
  • My Primed Capacity/Intensity has become clumpy, can I still take it?
    Yes! Some of the ingredients may absorb moisture and can cause clumps to form; however this does not affect safety or potency - just give the mixture and extra shake and begin to fuel your workout!
  • When am I supposed to take Primed Capacity?
    We recommend taking (1) serving of Primed Capacity first thing in the morning and (1) serving in the late afternoon or 15-30 minutes prior to any training.
  • I see some other pre-workout formulas selling for $40 or less, why is Primed Capacity priced as it is?
    Remember that Primed Capacity is not just a pre-workout formula, it is so much more! Those other pre-workout formulas selling at that price point most likely have much less (20-30) servings per container which would mean at $40, a single serving is ~$2. Primed Capacity offers 56 servings thus each serving is just around $1! We strive to offer the absolute best price per serving without sacrificing any quality, after all this is what I personally consume every day! While more is not always better, we have put together what we have deemed as the most important ingredients for this formula and we see no reason to omit anything for the sake of creating a smaller product or saving us some $$$. We also make sure to source top quality ingredients because what good is the ingredient if it was created or harvested from sub-optimal conditions? No, this formula is for the dedicated athlete who will be content with nothing less.
  • Why does Primed Capacity need to be taken twice per day?
    I chose to create Primed Capacity as a complete athletic supplement that would not only contain the most potent pre-workout ingredients but also cover a more general health foundation which is especially important if you are lacking in any vitamins and minerals. This formula works best when you build upon that foundation more than once per day as you give the body more opportunity to utilize some of the ingredients. This allows those who train more than once per day to take advantage of some of the pre-workout nature of this formula. Lastly, trying to cram nearly 40g of powder into a single preworkout and foundational drink was a bit too much!
  • Is Primed Capacity gluten-free?
  • Why is Primed Capacity stimulant-free?
    Be it for personal or medical reasons, not everyone wants caffeine or other stimulants in their supplementation, even when used as a pre-workout believe it or not! Plus, Primed Capacity is also a foundational support and should be taken twice per day and we don't want anyone serious about their sleep quality to be consuming caffeine too close before bedtime, now do we? With that being said we realize that many people DO want caffeine and stimulants in their pre-workout supplement, and we are developing another product to fill that niche.
  • Primed Capacity is not flavorful/sweet enough, why is that?
    We are always open to customer feedback and do have some wiggle room in adjusting the flavor profiles, so please provide feedback! With that being said, we do want to keep costs down for our customers and if we have to choose between reducing some performance enhancing ingredients or dosages to fit more flavor or sweetener into the product, we will choose to keep the ingredients and do our best with the flavor. We are more concerned with grasping at every "1%" of our athletic performance than we are with our taste buds - though I think we can have both!
  • I ordered Primed Capacity in the Berry Blast flavor, so why is the color... not Berry Blast?
    Ah, good catch! Regardless of flavor, we do not add any additional coloring and as such the color takes on that of the ingredients, giving it a very dark (but awesome) green color - thanks spirulina!
  • When am I supposed to take Primed Intensity?
    We recommend taking 1-2 scoops of Primed Intensity 15-30 minutes prior to training. Take 1 scoop if you are assessing your tolerance or don't want the full dosage of caffeine; take 2 scoops for full clinical dosages and results.
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