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Want a workout supplement that really works?

Of course you do, and here it is! Backed by scientific research and containing clinical dosages that were actually used in the research and at prices that absolutely cannot be beat anywhere else thanks to our business model.  Best of all we are completely transparent and are willing to personally field any questions you may have as to why our products are better than the "competition"!

PrImed capacity

What makes Primed Capacity so great?  Let's start with the ingredients backed by scientific research and used at clinically effective dosages...

PI Group 2 resize.jpg

pRImed Intensity

An extraordinary preworkout for extraordinary results.  Ingredients backed by scientific research.   An unbeatable price.  What more could you want?

About Primed Performance

Primed Performance was created for one simple reason - to get an athletic supplementation formula to the market that I was personally satisfied with.  This journey started when I was trying to get an edge with my own training and as I did my research and looked at countless products, I always found issues, be it poor quality ingredients, ingredients not backed by research, improper dosages, extreme price markups, proprietary blends, or too much artificial crap.  So I decided to create my own products for personal use only (at the time); a product that would both lay the foundation of athletic support and help me with all of the "1%" gains that the elite strive for (Primed Capacity), as well as a more traditional, caffeinated pre-workout that had the most efficacious ingredients of the highest quality, without any artificial junk (Primed Intensity).

As I spoke with other athletes, I realized that most of them ran into the same problem and either settled for a lesser product, found themselves buying multiple products to get the ingredients and dosages they needed, or threw their hands up and left supplementation by the wayside.  So I decided why not continue to fine-tune my products, add some natural flavor (I grew accustomed to the unflavored taste but I don't expect everyone to!), and put these on the market.  Oh and why don't I skip all of the business greed and middle-men and deliver this with as little mark-up as I can?

Thus Primed Performance was born.

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