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Sup·ple·men·ta·tion (noun): the addition of an extra element or amount to something

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

One definition of the word "supplementation" is "the addition of an extra element or amount to something", and we want to remind you that our products are just that - an addition to what matters most in your training; your training protocol, your nutrition, your sleep and recovery, and your mindset arguably being the most important factors. Focusing on those key factors will do more for you than any supplementation ever could and that should always be your primary focus; however, once you are aware of those factors and are on a path to optimizing them then supplementation is a clear next path in improving your athletic performance.

Before spending money on supplementation you should ask yourself; What is the intent of my training - am I handling my intensity and volume correctly? Is my nutrition helping or hindering my performance, or am I really not sure? Am I getting at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep a night (with an emphasis on quality and good sleep hygiene)? How is my mindset in regards to performance, training and competition? Once you are satisfied with the answers to these questions then we recommend you next look into Primed Capacity for an exceptional athletic supplementation to help maximize your athletic potential.

Primed Capacity was developed simply because I was striving for every "1%" increase in athletic performance that I could naturally get and nothing on the market offered what I was looking for. Either these other products were basically greedy gimmicks offering bogus ingredients with no scientific research to back up their claim, or they may have offered quality ingredients but at laughable dosages that scientific research does not support, while other products just did not contain enough of these quality ingredients to make the purchase worthwhile. If you comment below or send us an email I am always more than happy to answer any specific questions about the matter!

So with that said, my journey continued and eventually what you see now as Primed Capacity came to fruition and I decided that other athletes may be in the same situation I am in, so why not market this? I'll create Primed Performance, keep the business very small to keep costs down, continue to research as much as we can in the realm of fitness and supplementation and offer the best supplement(s) that we can while keeping the price point as low as possible.

So get your training, nutrition, recovery and sleep in check and then go grab some Primed Capacity and let us know what you think!



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